But restriction works because it puts pressure on the keyword and your mind. Buzan, T. (2006) Satrio Nareswara Wrihatnolos website accessible from satrionareswara.blogspot.com/2009/06/tony-buzan-is-mind-map.html 4th color – choose at least 3 colors to bring your mind map to life Painters follow the laws of color day after day. 1. Use non-lined paper (8.5 x 11 or more works better) or mind mapping software One last thought: If you want to share your mind map with others, you need to create two different versions: First, a more detailed version that includes all your research, supporting information, and resources. Then, use them to create a considerably stripped down version that contains only the information your audience needs to know. Also, I`m interested to know which book you`re referring to when you say, “I still had to go back to THE ultimate mind mapping book I read when I was a kid,” if I may?! To make your mind map as effective as possible, you need to follow Buzan`s (2011) “laws” of mind mapping: MindManager is a feature-rich mind mapping application that structures content and information in a very systematic and organized way. I hope this introduction to mind maps helped answer some of the questions you may have had about mind mapping and the different software applications available on the market today. Nowadays, there is a wide range of mind mapping software applications on the market. Whether you`re working on a PC, MAC, Android, iOS, or Linux, there`s a mind mapping app for every platform.

Okay, here are some mind mapping rules to keep in mind when creating your mind maps. Validate your mind mapping software skills with biggerplate certification! What it means: Check the contents of your mind map with a critical eye. What can be said in fewer words? What can be reformulated to make it clearer? What abbreviations or slang terms need to be replaced or spelled? What it means: Try to anticipate future needs when creating your mind maps. Minimize the use of jargon. Make sure your topics have a logical flow that almost anyone can follow. Explain clearly and concisely what is needed. And be ruthless in eliminating information that doesn`t add value to your mind map. The inner landscape of the mind is also non-linear.

When you use lined paper, you establish a barrier between your thoughts and the laws of mind mapping. Another free iMindMap personal improvement mind map shared on Biggerplate! Sign up for FREE to download thousands of mind map templates and samples! Finally, I would also recommend taking a look at Xmind. They offer a free and paid version of their mind mapping software application. What it means: Think long term when creating your mind maps. Not only do you make them useful in the moment, but in two weeks, two months or two years, they will be relevant, understandable and valuable! As you`ll see below, each mind mapping app presents these rules in a slightly different way. I also gave a brief explanation of the unique characteristics of each software application under each image. 10. POSITIVE THINKING – Create positive images so that your mind creates pleasurable associations with them These screenshots of mind mapping software also provide you with a visual representation of the critical focal points discussed below. In terms of timing, it`s really a matter of timing.

I would design the mind map with the clock in mind, but not necessarily encode it as I progress. Maybe I don`t need to remember the mind map after all. Drawing a mind map involves a fairly simple process. All it takes is to understand the underlying structure. For more information on how to learn with mind maps, please read the skills of mind mapping studies. Of course, this list of benefits is by no means exhaustive. There are many other value-added benefits specific to people who work consistently with mind maps. However, keep in mind that you don`t necessarily have to be a scribbler to take advantage of using mind maps. Mind mapping is not about pretty little pictures and doodles. Rather, it`s about the structure and process you use to organize and understand information. The content in this section is based on the examples of mind mapping software presented in the next section.

MindManager also has a built-in web browser and allows users to save their mind map creations in an interactive PDF format that can be shared with others who do not have access to the software application. 8. ATTRACTION – Make your mind map attractive so you like to look at it MindManager`s main market seems to be business people. Their approach to mind mapping is very elegant and simple. The benefits of mind mapping are vast and far-reaching. The past 20 years have brought us incredible insights into the human mind and our unlimited ability to think, understand and store vast stores of information. Use Your Head is the first book I remember learning about Tony Buzan`s mind mapping. It is indeed worth coming back to it if you have not read it. Next, Buzan observed how these scholars used his early mind maps to improve their lives. This reminds us of the laws of mind mapping. It redirects our attention to why they reflect the neuron, the central place of thought. What does a spider have to do with mind mapping? With human thought? With human memory? Thank you for this article.

I was an engineering student and used mind mapping during my university years for my bachelor`s and master`s degrees. I continue to use paper-based mapping as part of my engineering work. I`m always looking for improvements to my mapping techniques, so I have a few questions: – Regarding your first suggestion, blank paper mapping, I agree that maps look better and are easier to track this way. However, I find it very difficult to find notebooks with plain paper that I can use for course notes that have a decent price. The only ones I seem to find are sketchbooks of the artist, which cost around $10+/book. Do you have any recommendations for notebooks or notebooks that are good for mind mapping and cheaper? – Regarding your point about using many colors, what is the minimum number of colors you would recommend? I like to map on the go, so I can`t take too many different markers/pencils with me. Are there also markers/pencils that you would recommend as good for mind mapping? – Do you also have suggestions on mind maps for technical notes, for example with equations and technical drawings/diagrams? What it means: This principle emphasizes the importance of mentally putting yourself in someone else`s shoes. This may be obvious to you, but not to others.

You need to see your mind map as they would and modify it as needed to make it intuitively obvious. Below are some of the benefits of using mind maps to think, organize information, and think about ideas.