Individuals who violate the Douglas County Fireworks Ordinance must be prosecuted, including a fine of up to $1,000 and/or jail time in a county jail for up to six months. Severe burns to the hands or fingers are the most common type of injury caused by fireworks. However, these parts of the body often suffer from fractures, sprains and bruises or lacerations. Fireworks can also cause serious physical damage. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks can cause eye injuries and burns to the skin. Fireworks and sparks can burn at a temperature of 2,000 degrees and should never be placed on any part of the body. This type of fireworks has been tested and approved by the fire department. However, outside of the week leading up to the fourth of July, it is illegal to own Safe-N-Sane fireworks. To reduce the risk of injury, water should be stored nearby to dispose of used or defective fireworks. If a fireworks display doesn`t work properly, never try to turn it on again.

Always light fireworks away from homes, trees, people and flammable materials. Use glasses and do not light fireworks while holding them. Never let children handle fireworks unattended. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a malfunction or broken fireworks, contact a product liability attorney to learn more about your legal options. They are also illegal in the Lake Tahoe basin and much of the surrounding area. The same applies to the neighbouring counties of Douglas and Lyon. The possession and/or firing of fireworks in both counties is illegal and will not be tolerated. There are a variety of activities in the Carson City area during the July 4 holidays that don`t include fireworks, visit the link here for more information. In 2020, about 15,600 people were hospitalized for fireworks-related injuries. Of these, 66% occurred between June 21, 2020 and July 21, 2020. Some of the most frequently reported injuries include: Lighting fireworks in any function also affects dogs and other pets. According to the Nevada Humane Society, fireworks can be quite overwhelming and potentially dangerous and even life-threatening for pets.

For this reason, many pets may try to escape as quickly as possible to protect themselves from the sounds and images of fireworks. Fireworks are also illegal in the Lake Tahoe basin and much of the surrounding area. Any fireworks that fly through the air, explode or swirl on the ground are illegal. These are the guys you have no control over and, as a result, they can end up causing a fire. For example: in the county of Lyon, it is a criminal offence in the city of Fernley, the city of Yerington and throughout the county of Lyon not incorporated to “sell, offer for sale, unload or ignite rockets, squibs, fireworks or other fireworks without permission”. While Lyon County notes that there has been a debate about the sparks, it will not seize them, LCSO Sheriff Al McNeil said. Private use of fireworks is illegal in Carson City and the Sheriff`s Department enforces the law in its entirety, Sheriff Ken Furlong said. Lighting fireworks is a crime. Every Nevada county has its own laws regarding fireworks, but only the Safe-N-Sane variety is allowed in the week before the fourth of July.

One thing all counties have in common, however, is that fireworks on streets and sidewalks, school district properties, and government properties are still banned. Law enforcement agencies use a program called “You Light It – We Write It,” which allows them to confiscate and quote anyone who lights an illegal fireworks display. The first citation is a fine of $250, and each subsequent citation is $500. In addition, the person to whom a quote is issued may also be responsible for the cost of properly disposing of the seized fireworks. Non-payment of a quote may result in it being sent to a collection agency, which may negatively affect the creditworthiness of the person mentioned. As the fire threat worsens in western Nevada and the upcoming holiday season takes place on July 4, law enforcement and fire departments are warning people not to set off fireworks. Not only are they potentially dangerous and could start wildfires, but they are also illegal. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission`s 2015 annual report on fireworks in 2015, the United States.