In this state, it`s legal to own a stun gun or Taser, but you don`t have the option to carry a wearer hidden outside your home, which means you can`t take it outside your home. It is also important to note that under RCW 9A.16.050, in the eyes of the law, it is entirely justified to kill a person who has committed a crime by illegally entering your home with the intention of committing other crimes. Exceptions to state and federal prohibitions on gun ownership are made for people authorized by the state to carry a concealed gun. The GFSZA provides a permit for licensed persons to possess firearms within 1,000 feet of a school, and state law allows those who are licensed to carry a concealed pistol to possess a firearm on school grounds while picking up or dropping off a student. Revised Washington Codes (RCW) 28A.600.420 and 9.41.280 prohibit firearms loaded into schools, with the exception of security and law enforcement. Megan Thompson is a legal writer at Lawrina. Megan writes about different areas of law, legal innovations and shares her knowledge of her legal practice. A graduate of the American University`s Washington School of Law, she is a legal expert on lawrina`s team and has an easy editing touch for all content published on the site. For example, in California, Cal.

Penal § 244.5. For example, the State of California will not issue a secret carrying permit for an ordinary firearm in the State of California to anyone because it wants the freedom to transport it. In California, the rules say you must have a good reason. People who work as police officers may need to protect themselves from criminals seeking revenge, even when they are off duty. Volunteers who work as treasurers for an organization or religion and who regularly carry cash may need it to protect themselves. Military personnel and their families may require a secret transportation permit because of the risks inherent in operations. No. Stun guns are legal in most states, but not legal in Hawaii or Rhode Island. Various U.S. codes regulate the possession of firearms and dangerous weapons, including those that depend on the energy driven such as stun guns or tasers.

Almost every state has state codes that designate stun guns as dangerous weapons, such as Alabama`s 13A-1-2 code, which, like most other state codes, says something like, “`Defensive weapon` means an electric stun gun or a delivery device for a club or similar chemical agent that is not intended to result in death or serious bodily harm.” Almost all states define Taser stun guns as devices powered by a unit of electric charge that emit an electric charge or are otherwise capable of neutralizing someone with an electric charge. Absolutely no state allows the possession of stun guns or tasers by anyone who is a minor, and it is illegal to sell, rent, give, rent, trade or make available to anyone under the age of 18. Is it legal for a person to use lethal force to protect themselves from harm in Washington State? We can find out here. B. It is illegal for a person to continue or possess public or private primary or secondary school premises, means of transport provided by the school or areas of facilities while using a stun gun, Taser or similar weapon originating exclusively from public or private schools in accordance with RCW 9.41.280. There are many ways in which people prepare for self-defense. Law enforcement agencies could have the option of carrying a stun gun, carrying a weapon hidden on their person when not in uniform, or using force while serving in the United States. According to RCW 9.91.160, students 14 years of age and older are legally allowed to possess personal protective sprayers (such as mace and pepper spray) if that student has parental permission. Schools or other government entities cannot prohibit the possession of personal protective sprayers if the student is at least 14 years of age or a person 18 years of age or older with parental permission. When it comes to your personal safety, knowledge + preparation is power. It is best to be knowledgeable and ready to act if necessary. There are no restrictions on pepper spray for Washington State.

It is perfectly legal for you to buy, transport and use pepper spray for self-defense purposes. It is also legal for you to wear and use non-lethal devices such as stun guns. Big cities like Seattle and the Olympics are experiencing an increase in violent crime, so knowledge of protection becomes even more important. any person who commits an attack on the person of a peace officer or firefighter with a stun gun or a less lethal weapon within the meaning of section 16780 who knows, or ought reasonably to know, that the person is a peace officer or firefighter who is performing his or her duties when the peace officer or firefighter is performing his or her duties; shall be punishable by imprisonment in the district prison for a maximum of one year or by deprivation of liberty in accordance with article 1170 (h) for two, three or four years (c). Carrying a stun gun is similar to carrying a firearm in that it is a special law. There are various laws for the possession of stun guns and for carrying them in public, where they could be used to injure people. has. Prohibited possession, sale or use. It is illegal for any person, person, company, corporation or other entity to sell, give, lend, rent or otherwise transfer a stun gun to any other person, person, company, corporation or similar entity within the city limits of Burlington. For the purposes of this section, “stun gun” means a device that uses electric current to interrupt arbitrary muscle control to cause neuromuscular work disability and delivers that electric current through electrodes attached to an arrow propelled by compressed air or similar means, and includes devices designated by rcW 9.41.280 as “projectile stun guns”.

The illegality of Taser stuns depends on your age, the state you are in, whether or not you have a licence, and where you own the stun gun in question. The following table explains in which situations it is legal, what extenuating circumstances exist, and whether you need a permit. State laws require that stun guns or tasers for civil self-defense be legal in 48 of the 50 states, provided that: The sale, possession, and use of stun guns and tasers for self-defense is legal without major restrictions. Misuse of an anesthetic device when committing a crime or attack can result in criminal liability. We sell and ship to Washington. However, stun guns and tasers are not firearms, which means they are not subject to the same laws. When you fly, the TSA says you can keep self-defense sprays and stun guns in your checked baggage, but you can`t have them in your carry-on baggage. If you`re going from one state to another, you just need to make sure that that state isn`t one of the few that needs a license to carry your stun gun or taser, and if that`s the case, make sure you get a license in advance. Overall, most states are very lenient when it comes to owning a Taser stun gun.

In almost all states, it is perfectly legal to possess one as a civilian for self-defence purposes. Some specifications prohibit use outside the home or prohibit you from directing them to a specific peace officer or other staff member. Obviously, these are not intended for situations other than personal defense, and there may be criminal charges related to individuals who violate one of these drug gun laws. TACOMA, Washington. Residents can now legally carry and purchase stun guns in Tacoma after the city lifted its ban on popular stun guns Tuesday night. City Council voted to repeal an ordinance prohibiting the purchase, carrying and manufacture of stun guns within the city limits, said Assistant City Attorney Keith Echterling. Only law enforcement officers, Department of Corrections officials, animal control officers, and military personnel were legally allowed to carry stun guns in Tacoma under the ban.