— Nathan Fielder (@nathanfielder) October 30, 2015 16. Lie-N-Den Bar and Grill: A secret chase designed to illegally sell chili at a hockey game: What could go wrong? This Nathan for You gambit is structurally brilliant and it`s worth seeing in action, if only to see a group of surprised kids who look like hockey players as Nathan hands out chili seemingly out of nowhere. Comedy Central`s legal team wasn`t as receptive to Fielder`s jokes. He remembers encountering an awkward silence on a conference call a day after discussing the legal hurdles of a segment and sarcastically suggesting that the network could be sued, but not him. In another case, he says the legal team quickly took down a segment where a strip club was nominated for a business ethics award. Since stunts involve real people, the show ran into some issues, such as when they partnered with Cali-based Dumb Starbucks Coffee. The store parodied the coffee giant by putting the word stupid in front of many items sold there, including the “Duets Dumb Norah Jones” CDs and the “Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte” drinks — all distributed for free. Starbucks later announced that they would evaluate “next steps” for a lawsuit, but never dealt with it. Fans of Comedy Central`s “Nathan For You” know that Nathan Fielder isn`t afraid to push the boundaries. In his quest to help struggling businesses, Fielder dreams of fanciful – and sometimes illegal – solutions. In HBO`s “The Rehearsal,” Fielder continues his unconventional tricks as he moves from helping businesses to the lives of ordinary people. From searching for restaurants in a slot machine to covering up with a private detective, it was clear that Fielder had lost his mind, and it seems he still hasn`t found it.

When Nathan acted as the vice president of Shell and interviewed the guys, wasn`t that cheating and very illegal? Nathan for You, Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder`s former quasi-reality show – an absurd comedy on Comedy Central – was truly a unique TV show. A dark and vicious rendition of entrepreneurial shows like Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares, Nathan for You featured Fielder giving advice to real business owners — especially advice so misguided (and sometimes dubious legal) that you wonder why the business owners in question are willing to follow his offbeat plans. The answer, of course, is simple: appearing on television is in itself a free press in itself. 27. Bouquet Plaza Liquor: A logical and legal, if terribly convoluted business plan: Allow minors to buy alcohol, but don`t let them take alcohol home until they`re 21. But the miners weren`t happy, and Little League baseball official Nathan didn`t try to bribe to sponsor the store — or the liquor store owner who wasn`t happy with Nathan`s (admittedly pretty nasty) prank on a man dressed as a cop. On the weekend of February 7, 2014, a coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks” opened in Los Feliz. The store looked a lot like those of the Starbucks chain and used a modified version of its logo. The names of all its products were preceded by “Dumb”, and the store offered CDs imitating real Starbucks products, including “Dumb Jazz Standards” and “Dumb Nora Jones [sic] Duets”.

The store argued that it was actually an art gallery for “legal reasons” because “by adding the word `stupid,` we`re technically mocking Starbucks, allowing us to use their trademarks under a legal doctrine known as `fair use.` [21] After attracting a large number of curious participants over the weekend, it was hypothesized that the store was a hoax related to a television show; The following Monday, a press conference at Dumb Starbucks revealed that the store was a Nathan for You coup. [22] [23] Before the stunt was revealed, some participants thought the store was created by Banksy. [24] Obviously, people don`t like to be deceived and can react to Nathan Fielder`s antics in all sorts of ways during filming. The things Nathan also does often follow legality, and that seems to stress the legal team at Comedy Central. Nathan Fielder isn`t too worried about it as he thinks they`re on the line but never crossed it, but it would be a problem for Comedy Central anyway. And besides, it`s not funny when people get mad at him. Nathan knows comedy as well as business, if not better. 10.

Pomona Hilltop Suites Hotel: Nathan for You is often at its best when it comes to finding participants willing to accept ideas that are so horrible and questionable that they circumvent the nature of legality. In this segment, he finds an almost perfect foil in celebrity-thirsty parents Marie and Jurgen, who offer their aspiring child actor Bradley to test a “sex box” as part of Nathan`s Pomona Hilltop Suites. It`s not as bad and worse than it sounds – trust us. Readers will recall the bizarre case of “Dumb Starbucks” earlier this year, which initially seemed to raise the question of whether a coffee shop that used Starbucks` trademarks and copyrights transparently could claim fair use as an art gallery. It turns out the whole performance was just that, a preparation for a Comedy Central series that has since made its debut. We`re not TV critics, of course, but in addition to being effusive (and no doubt ironic), the entire episode is an interesting platform for questions about players and entities that can claim fair use for copyrights or trademarks on visual and creative works. In the end, the question of parody/fair dealing could never really be answered, but the coverage of the many news clips contained in the exhibition is a reminder of how difficult it is to apply critical concepts of art to legal analysis. “We`re crossing the line legally in terms of how you can represent things,” he notes. “We never really want to upset people.

If you`re actually with the person and they`re upset, it`s not that funny. » 35.