Several gun rights organizations have filed a federal lawsuit to block the ban. HB 1416 – This new law aims to increase the efficiency of the recovery processes for maintenance claims owed to the state or a custodial parent. It states that insurance companies must share information with the child support service to see if a claimant owes a debt to the state to support a child. Insurance companies must contact the ministry no later than 10 days after filing a claim for wrongful assault or manslaughter, a workers` compensation claim or a life insurance claim. Fees for new Washington State license plates and their replacement will increase effective July 1. A total of nine new Washington laws went into effect on January 1, 2022. They are making changes to a variety of things, including voting rights for offenders convicted after jail, motor carrier licences, and protecting taxpayers from home seizure. Lawmakers approved a $17 billion transportation revenue package that will invest in the state`s highways, transit and bridges over the next 16 years. The updated budget includes $350 million to support the state`s paid family vacation program, which has been so much in demand that it faces a deficit. Starting July 1, Washington`s 4 million residents will be entitled to free or discounted care at hospitals across the state, giving Washington the strongest health care coverage in the country. Democrats have boasted that the package doesn`t raise the state`s gas tax, which they say benefits drivers across the state. Previous transportation packages, including the last big one approved by lawmakers in 2015, relied heavily on gas tax increases.

Similarly, the state will not significantly increase the number of cannabis stores across the state to improve social justice in the cannabis industry. And lawmakers have not approved a plan to ban the use of certain toxic chemicals in cosmetics, though they have approved funds for the state to test toxic chemicals in cosmetics for women of color. Get ready to learn more about pickleball. Both houses of the legislature agreed to make pickleball the official sport of the state; The bill now awaits the governor`s signature. The plan would pay Washington`s share of a new bridge over Interstate 5 between Washington and Oregon, a project that has been discussed for more than a decade. It would also widen State Route 18, provide funding for a new trestle bridge on State Route 2, and improve HOV lanes along I-5. To combat homelessness, the new budget spends about $220 million — a mix of federal and state funds — including about $45 million on rent assistance. In addition, the operating budget transfers about $650 million to the state construction budget, which in turn will spend more than $400 million to build affordable housing, improved housing and permanent supportive housing. Last year, more than 450,000 people said “no thanks” to the state`s new long-term care program by taking advantage of a unique opportunity to opt out of the program and its 0.58 percent payroll tax. The long-term care program, commonly known as WA Cares, is designed to provide up to $36,500 per person over their lifetime to pay for the care and other services people need in retirement.

PORTLAND, Oregon. Washington state passed most of its new laws in July 2021, but a handful went into effect in early 2022. School holidays and public holidays are now aligned after a new law came into force on Friday. “This is the change we`re trying to make in Washington state to have less dependence on oil,” House Speaker Laurie Jinkins told D-Tacoma earlier this week. The law creates a system similar to Amber Alerts and so-called Silver Alerts, which are used in many states for missing children and vulnerable adults. As a new year begins, several important new laws will go into effect in Washington State. Lawmakers also approved a new transportation program that will spend about $17 billion over the next 16 years on highways, transit projects and bridges. The plan includes $1 billion for a new bridge over the Columbia River at Interstate 5, a project that politicians have been discussing for a decade. The package will be funded by a combination of funding sources, including a transfer of more than $2 billion from the state`s operating budget, $1.4 billion from the state`s license plate fee increase, and about $5.4 billion from the state`s new cap-and-trade program. SB 5034 – This is Washington`s Nonprofit Corporation Act and modernized the state`s charitable statutes for the first time in 50 years. Washington Nonprofits has said that most nonprofits have nothing to do at all because of this bill. The bill is intended to reflect new, modernized best practices in the not-for-profit sector.

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