Below is a copy of the map on the Nitro Fire website dated November 2, 2021. You can see that Illinois is now colored green and matches these messages. With the number of states allowing Nitro Fire during the muzzle loading season now at 20, Traditions continues to work with state wildlife agencies to bring Nitro Fire to more states. It`s worth noting that while Nitro Fire isn`t legal during your muzzle-loading season, it may be legal for general rifle season, as shown in yellow below. Unlike other muzzle magazines on the market, the Nitrofire is considered a firearm and requires a 4473. It`s also not legal for mouth charger season in several states. The Gree states below allow Nitrofire for the muzzle charger season, yellow conditions are being revised. Always check your state`s hunting regulations. This article will give you the latest information on the legality of the Tradtions™ NitroFire mouth charger and the Federal™ Firestick ignition system. See if NitroFire is legal in your state on the map below: White: Please contact your state to clarify the use of FireStick for the general season and the season of mouth chargers. Traditions Performance Firearms continues to be at the forefront of innovation and continues to focus on the safety, accuracy and reliability of muzzle loading. Traditions have recognized the need to take chargers through the mat to the next level, and the new NitroFire muzzle charger does just that. NitroFire mouth chargers have arrived at heritage retailers and will be available at all levels of distribution.

The NEW NitroFire is the only muzzle charger on the market that uses the NEW Firestick system from Federal Premium. Firestick is an encapsulated polymer powder filler filled with Hodgdon Triple Eight powder. Simply load your bullet from the muzzle and insert the Firestick into the breech of the Traditions NitroFire rifle. The Firestick is moisture insensitive and has the same strict tolerances and quality controls as loaded ammunition. At the time of writing, Nitrofire has been approved as legal for muzzle loading season use in the following states. At the time of writing, the Traditions Nitro Fire is the only muzzle charger to use Federal Premium`s “Fire Stick” technology. In interviews last year, we heard from officials about this technology and the agreement behind it. I expect Fire Stick technology to be licensed to other manufacturers over the years, but for now, Traditions is leading the way with the nitro shotgun.

Can the FireStick system be used during my condition mouth chargers season? Tradition and Federal are working hard to get the state to accept the use of FireStick during the special muzzle loading season. The map below shows where Traditions currently interprets FireStick ignition as legal for use during muzzle charger season. The map will be updated in real time as other states join us. COVID-19 has caused delays in regulatory changes as states respond to the pandemic and the resulting increase in participation in hunting and fishing. Tagged: traditions, gun traditions, nitro fire, muzzle magazine season, mouth loading hunt Tom Hall The president of Traditions, said: “The NitroFire and Firestick system offers a safer muzzle loading experience that has always been at the center of traditions. This system eliminates the risk of your charger accidentally overloading through the mouth and increases reliability and accuracy. The Firestick system combined with the features of the NitroFire is truly a revolutionary mouth charger. We are delighted to have the NitroFire on the market. A contribution from (@muzzleloaders) Green: The FireStick is, in our opinion, legal for use during the muzzle charger season. reported in a short video on Instagram last week that the Traditions Nitro Fire can now be used legally during Illinois` mouth-loading hunting season. This is good news for Traditions, Federal and Hodgdon, all parties play a key role in making the Nitro Fire and its proprietary primer/powder catridge “Fire Stick”.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Caleb Hinkle about his bill to establish a mouth-loading hunting season in Montana. At the time of our interview, Caleb introduced the bill in the Montana House of Representatives, but hoped it would pass the Montana House and Senate. Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, New York, Vermont, New Jersey and Maryland. We are seeing this demand increase as the mouth charger community grows. Innovations like Blackhorn 209 have provided shooters with a cleaner black burning powder substitute, and it looks like the Hodgdon Triple 8 in the federal Firesticks will be the next clean-burning muzzle-loading powder. Top: The Traditions Nitro Fire at the 2020 SHOT Show. Photo from Muzzleblasts is your go-to place for news and information about mouth charging. As is often the case with each of these muzzle-loading “innovations” over the years, it takes time for each game and fishing department in the state to decide whether or not to allow it. Since we spoke at SHOT, we know that Traditions would be working hard to ensure that the Nitrofire is considered safe and accepted by the state`s Fishing and Game Departments, but it looks like COVID 19 has slowed those efforts a bit for now. This article is not representative of an official NMLRA statement The “Fire Stick” is a waterproof plastic cartridge full of Hodgdon`s “Triple 8” powder, a powder on which Hodgdon has not shared many details, but many compare it to Blackhorn 209.

This cartridge is loaded from a brake cap. Although controversial for many amateurs, the sphere or projectile is always charged by the muzzle. Purple: This state is reviewing its regulations to clarify FireStick ignition. No updates were available at the time of publication. Please contact your state for more details. The Bowers Group BITTY is the world`s smallest spotless rimfire silencer! The BITTY on a .22 rifle works similarly to many other full-size manufacturers .22 suppressors. Fully autonominal for .22 LR and rated up to 5.7FN. The NitroFire is .50 caliber and features a 26-inch ultra-light chromoly steel fluted and tapered barrel, 1:28 rotary barrel, dual security system and many other functions. It is equipped with the new Elite XT trigger system from Traditions. The Elite XT trigger system is equipped with a rebound hammer and manual cross release protection. MSRP for NitroFire ranges from $549 to $1202.

**This graphic is for illustrative purposes only. Always check local regulations and contact your hunting and fishing department to confirm this for your area. On April 20, 2021, the Helena Independent Record reported that Montana Governor Gianforte had signed the bill to hunt through the mouth of Rep. Caleb Hinkle. Traditions has put together an interactive map as well as a large set of tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions on their website, so check back often for changes in your state! Mark Litzelman submitted his record-breaking Shiras foams, taken with a magazine by mouth, to the Longhunter Society Big Game Record Books.