Democrat Letitia James is currently attorney general and has been in office since Jan. 1, 2019. [2] The requirements for applying for a particular position are described in the “How to Apply” section of the job offer. All applications for exempt positions must be submitted online for a specific posting. Learn more about document requirements for applications. The Attorney General advises the executive branch of the state government and defends complaints and procedures on behalf of the state. The Attorney General acts independently of the Governor of New York. The department`s regulations are summarized in Title 13 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR). The Attorney General of New York is the Chief Legal Officer of the U.S. State of New York and the Head of the Law Department of the State Government. [1] The Amt has existed in one form or another since 1626 under the Dutch colonial government of New Netherland. The Attorney General of New York State is the highest paid attorney general in the country. During an appearance on “Mornings On 1” on Monday, Henry Pat Kiernan said he believes the attorney general`s office has been used as a stepping stone to the governor for too long and hopes to change that.

The BA also accepts applications from lawyers and juridical students who are not admitted to the New York Bar, do not reside in New York State, and/or are not U.S. citizens to work as volunteers. Unlike VAAGs, volunteer lawyers will not be able to represent the interests of the office and the state in court. Volunteer lawyers provide essential legal support to the offices and are integral to the successful development and conduct of cases. Yes. Please note, however, that the majority of lawyer positions require at least two (2) years of experience. The minimum qualifications required can be found in a specific job posting. Republican nominee for attorney general Michael Henry has said he wants to create balance in the state government as he hopes to beat incumbent Democrat Letitia James in November. For lawyers, pro bono lawyers, students and other professional and legal support positions, please contact the Legal Recruitment Office at 212-416-8080 or by email Yes.

You must apply separately for each position. Applications must be submitted online via the link in the job posting, unless otherwise stated. Learn more about application requirements for positions. CV, cover letter indicating position(s) and reference number(s) and/or office(s) of interest, law school transcript (if less than five (5) years outside law school), sample writing and three (3) professional references. Learn more about application requirements for legal positions. Applications must be submitted online via the link in the job posting, unless otherwise stated. OAG-appointed lawyers are appointed Assistant Attorneys General. To be so appointed, the attorney must be a U.S.

citizen, NYS resident, and a member in good standing of the NYS Bar Association. Attorneys who do not reside or are not licensed to the NYS Bar are welcome to apply on the understanding that these are conditions of employment that must be met. If you have any questions, please contact Legal Recruiting. Part 20 of Title 13 NYCRR Regulations for Newly Built, Vacant or Non-Residential Condominiums “I believe this office could do a lot of good for the people of New York State, and it has been used more as a springboard for politicians than to do people`s work,” he added. If you have any questions about sending an investigator or an application you have already submitted for an investigator job, please contact 518-776-2500 or email for assistance. Lawyers who have been admitted to the New York Bar, reside in New York State, and are U.S. citizens may apply to become a volunteer Assistant Attorney General (VAAG). A VAAG may represent the interests of the Agency and the State at meetings and before the courts. “As a political outsider and not as a career politician, I want to restore to the office a level of competence, efficiency and integrity that I believe is lacking,” Henry said.

The Department of Justice has issued regulations governing the marketing and sale of securities that affect the interests of co-operatives in real estate, namely co-operatives, condominiums, homeowners` associations, timeshares, and seniors` communities. Below is a brief description of what each party governs. Copies of the Informal Rules may be obtained from Westlaw. Yes. The BA primarily hires law students during the academic year, but there are also opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Student positions are usually voluntary internships or internships for course loans. All open student positions are advertised on our website and applications are accepted online. Applicants must be prepared to upload their cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript and three (3) professional references online. Take a look at the student positions currently available. Part 80 Intra-State FinancingRegulation Governing Intra-State Financing of Non-Real Estate Securities Part 16 of Title 13 NYCRRegulations Governing Real Estate Syndication Bids.

For investigator positions, please call 518-776-2500 or email Get the best experience and stay connected with your community with our Spectrum News app. NY1 invited James to perform on “Mornings On 1,” but no date has been set. Part 18 of Title 13 NYCRRegulations on the Regulation of the Conversion of Residential Property to Co-operative Property In the in-depth interview, the two discussed Henry`s feelings regarding the investigation into allegations of wrongdoing against former Governor Andrew Cuomo, his priorities on day one, should he win the election, and his qualifications for the position. Yes. Applications for the Summer Articling Program are accepted by law students, both undergraduate and graduate students. Applications are accepted online when submitted. Applicants must be prepared to upload their cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript and three (3) professional references online. Take a look at the student positions currently available.

The legal functions of the Legal Department are mainly divided into five main departments: Appeals and Expertise, Public Prosecution, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice and Social Justice.