House Bill 2382, which came into effect in April, allows some UTVs to be driven on the roads. UTVs and ATVs are fantastic and fun off-road machines, and you might want to extend the thrill to the roads. However, this requires state approval, and you must take the necessary legal steps to make your ATV or UTV Street legal. This mainly involves making a few modifications to bring your vehicle into compliance with state laws so that you don`t risk being stopped by the police. At Maxey`s Motorsports, we have great advice on how to make your off-roader roadworthy. To get a closer look at our collection of ATVs and UTVs, visit our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma site, which also serves Tulsa and Edmond. Once you`ve registered your SUV for the road, you`ll need to display its license plate safely. Most states require the plate to be mounted on the back of the UTV or ATV. When driving at night, the sign should be sufficiently illuminated for other drivers to see.

You may also drive an ATV or UTV to cross Oklahoma`s public roads and highways only under the following circumstances: For a complete list of requirements to make a UTV route legal, CLICK HERE. “Normally, when a UTV arrives, it`s missing a few parts that make it road legal,” Hatton explained. “So to make it legal on the street, you have to have turn signals, and you have to have a horn, and you have to have mirrors on it, so these are just small things, but these are all accessories that you can buy and add retrospectively when the device comes here.” In addition, it is possible to legalize your street side by side. However, you need to invest in important accessories. If you intend to be on the road, you should check all state requirements as well as those of your community to see if there are any special requirements. In general, you are not allowed to ride an ATV on Oklahoma`s public roads. However, you can drive a UTV on a public road under the following circumstances: LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) — As summer approaches, you may see more SUVs on city streets, but there are certain laws and regulations that commercial vehicle drivers must follow within city limits. Continuing our series of articles analyzing ATV laws in each state that emerged from this article, this article examines ATV laws in Oklahoma. It should also be noted that although I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and do not give legal advice. If you have any questions, you should consult a local lawyer. The Oklahoma Tax Commission told News On 6 that since July 7, when the commission began processing applications, more than 500 street-legal UTVs have been registered statewide.

Every driver`s dream is to put their UTV on the road legally, and the good news is that it`s possible. In most of the United States, there is a legalization process on the street. In addition, some companies create street legal kits for UTV and ATV. “Everything you need for a car, except a windshield, you have to have for a UTV,” Ulrich said. “Golf carts within city limits are not legal except on lakes and then you have to have them inspected by someone at the lake headquarters. They give you a licence and you must have the licence number affixed to your golf cart. “Rear-view mirrors allow you to ride your ATV safely on the roads. Some states may require only one rearview mirror to be installed on the left, while others require a complete kit to legalize your ATV or UTV on the road. Drivers could soon see more commercial vehicles on the roads after a new law allows them to be approved on the road. In 2021, the Oklahoma legislature passed a law that makes UTVs street legal, but users should know you need a driver`s license and register the UTV like any other vehicle.

If your UTV or ATV comes with standard equipment such as mufflers, taillights, brake lights, and seat belts, the legalization process should be a no-brainer. Most states allow counties and cities to set their own legalization standards. Montana, Ohio, Kansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Michigan, Nebraska, and Minnesota, among others, have created regulations that guide the legalization of off-road vehicles. There are requirements to make a UTV route approval, and if you`re looking for a new one, you may have to wait a few months. When it comes to cyclists sharing the road with UTVs, you need to be aware of this and be very careful about how you would share the road with a motorcycle. A Lawton dealer told 7NEWS that UTVs run out once they have the vehicles in stock. You must register your ATV or UTV with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which will assign you a registration number and give you a registration certificate and sticker. The sticker must be affixed to the front of your ATV or UTV in plain sight. You have 30 days after purchase to register your ATV or UTV.