Created by lawyers for lawyers and combined with One Legal`s 29 years of litigation and e-filing experience. Our customer support team is available by email and phone between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. We also recommend that you search for the answer to your question in our Help Center. Contact us>> M, We are sorry to hear that you had trouble connecting with our customer support team. Please note that we are continually working to ensure that customers receive quick answers to their questions and appreciate that you take the time to share your experience. For documents personally delivered by the court in paper form, we charge for time and travel (as indicated here: If you would like to discuss anything, please contact directly via email.

Sincerely,The One Legal Team Hello Val,I am sorry to hear that you will not receive your personalized copies in time. Unfortunately, e-filing courts have not set expectations for processing time for true copies. Typically, your true copies will be returned electronically within 24 to 48 hours of acceptance by the court – but this period may be extended depending on the availability of case officers and court closures. Documents that require judicial review, such as proposed orders, may also take longer to return. If you do not see your true copy in the Order Status section of your account more than 48 hours after acceptance, please contact our customer service team at 800-938-8815 or email the best,Lisa, One Legal As a legal advisor, I use One Legal a lot. This gives me peace of mind that once I upload a document to One Legal, it will be submitted on time. In addition, One Legal distinguishes itself by communicating with clients. If they have a question, they will contact the person to clarify the question. Finally, One Legal also offers webinars so that lawyers can keep abreast of the ever-changing judicial rules.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for your feedback with us, I`m sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If you wish to inform us of your customer number and the order numbers you have mentioned by e-mail, we will be happy to check this for you. Sincerely, Lindsey from One Legal I am a new client of One Legal. I struggled to create a new account and ask questions. I called number 800 and talked to Jennifer. Their support was professional, exceptional, informative and accommodating. She embodies service and is an excellent representative of your company. I will definitely use the services of One Legal and recommend it to other lawyers. Thanks again, Jennifer, for your help and support.

It`s a great app that helps me grow in legal fields. Tens of thousands of people trust One Legal to simplify their legal support needs. The best service ever! One Legal is a time saver and worth every penny!!! Save yourself the hassle of driving to the courthouse, paying stupid prices for parking, and then waiting with the dregs of society. Have A LEGAL file submitted for you !! That`s money and time well spent! Thanks to ONE Legal for allowing me to save my vacation days for a real vacation and not queuing up to apply! For the current status of a particular California court, please visit the California Court Updates – COVID-19 page>> Verification can help real people write reviews of real companies. We are suing all 58 California Supreme Courts, as well as the California Courts of Appeals and Federal Courts. I have never regretted choosing One Legal. There are always challenges with online filing, but I`m convinced that no one does it better than One Legal. Order, formatting and more for e-filing in court. We use dedicated people and smart technology to protect our platform. Find out how we fight fake reviews. Hand-delivered documents for filing in the high courts of California on paper Horrible SERVICE! You do NOT want to use their services.

THEY ARE VERY DISORGANIZED. Due to their incompetence, they created second case numbers for several cases. They promise a solution and keep you on the phone for hours so they don`t solve anything. ALL IN ALL, THE WORST COMPANY EVER. You have been warned! Don`t waste your time. OnCall Legal is so much better. COVID-19: The latest updates and information from One Legal It is against our policies to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure that all reviews are published without moderation. IF YOU WANT TO BE SUED FOR MALPRACTICE, USE ONELEGAL AS YOUR LAWYER.

Terribly incompetent. Another hack job lawyer service with the outstretched hand as an obstacle between law firms and courts. OneLegal should be banned from doing business with the courts because there is no mismanagement, a lack of local rules and practices, and an irrevocably disarray accounting department. In this case, it was a simple application for succession in an uncontested case without anything special, notable or otherwise. OneLegal managed to spoil the case to such an extent that it is impossible to get a status on the submission. “Supervisor” Kaneisha Rose completely ignored inquiries about the state of affairs. I will be reapplying and I hope there will be no double submission in this matter. Additional costs for submissions longer than 15 pages. Some dishes may be subject to additional charges. One Legal is one of the best ECF providers I have ever used.

Customer service is very responsive and will work diligently with you to resolve any issues that arise. Disclaimer: I have already had many due to unforeseen issues on my end, but the One Legal team recognizes the urgency and works tirelessly to ensure your documents are submitted/delivered accordingly. Highly recommended. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. People who write reviews can edit or delete them at any time, and they will appear as long as an account is active. Within minutes, speak to an expert by phone or email who is available outside of normal business hours. Access 24/7 how-to online articles, comprehensive training guides, and introductory videos. The process of filling out documents with the court has become so easy and convenient. I would have to drive 50 miles to court just to hand over the paperwork to the employees and pay the fees. With “One Legal,” no more driving in Los Angeles traffic, no parking fees, no walking from the parking lot to the place — you have to find the parking lot first — and so on. Thank you “One Legal”Gabriel BostanCalifornia.

Records in all California courthouses. E-filing, fast paper court filing, or filing exempt documents with an e-filing court: our workflow automatically provides the options you need for the court of your choice. One Legal will receive additional copies of your filing from all chambers in California – simply add your filing or make a stand-alone order. For anything One Legal can`t send via email or fax, the prices are ridiculously high. In addition, the one who runs it has no appreciation for his employees and does not employ enough to meet the needs of the company. I am currently waiting to ask a question (which is NOT answered on the website). I`m No. 14 waiting and I`ve been waiting for 10 minutes. Really don`t worry about customers – just to take advantage of the steps taken by the courts to make filing easier. File your subpoena and complaint? Simply add a personal processing service directly to your filing work. We also deposit your proof of service – all in one seamless transaction.

Today, after 53 years, I had to file a complaint with e-filng for the first time. I did not know how to do it, and the clerk of the courthouse refused to accept the complaint. I was facing a statute of limitations. Alex and Karen were so kind and patient when they taught me how to do it. They are both a real honor for One Legal. J. Michael Brown They charged $126 to submit documents for processing, but not to retrieve them. I could have mailed the documents and they would have been processed more quickly. Now they expect me to drive the two hours to pick up the documents at the courthouse. They say they have finished the job, but I do not have the necessary documents to deliver.

When I called to ask about the status of the order, they said they were investigating and sending it to their “critical” team. They refused to give me names or numbers. To date, I have heard nothing. A simple billing system designed for law firms. We pay all fees in advance; You will receive an easily reconcilable invoice per order. Concierge service less than desirable. Required to make a submission due to legal restrictions. The court rejected our first deposit, so we decided to use the concierge service.