Please note that for the purposes of admission to the department`s specialization and other postgraduate programs, no particular mix of undergraduate psychology courses is an advantage. Students are encouraged to focus on their areas of interest. We strive by all means to produce the highest quality in the teaching of psychology and its research. We invite you to join us in researching and promoting the living discipline of psychology. Hello, I am very interested in psychology and I thought about studying it at UCT in 2023. APS stands for Admission Point Score. APS is the score that South African universities and colleges use to determine whether your application will be approved or not. PSA is calculated based on your matrix results. So universities rely on your APS score to see if you can study in a particular course or qualification.

For example, your APS score may qualify a student for a bachelor`s degree and a non-BSc student. It`s also important to remember that these scores vary from university to university. UCT`s bachelor`s degree in psychology is internationally recognized, and many of the department`s graduates have gone on to graduate studies at other universities around the world. The courses offered cover the department`s four main areas of expertise: Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Cognitive and Neuropsychological Psychology. All courses are taught by internationally published and recognized experts in the respective fields. Students are encouraged to try as many of these areas as possible during their bachelor`s degree, as UCT does not recognize specialization at the undergraduate level. The department offers psychology courses for students from all faculties. It is recommended that students in faculties other than the Faculty of Arts and Humanities inquire with their home faculty about how courses in the Department of Psychology can contribute to their degree. Please note that for the purposes of admission to the department`s specialization and other postgraduate programs, no particular mix of undergraduate psychology courses is an advantage. Students are encouraged to focus on their areas of interest. Details on the structure of studies and rules can be found in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Textbook. What are the requirements for institutional psychology Hello.

I did a Bachelor of Psychology (B Psych.), a 4-year course with the University of Botswana. I want to pursue MA Neuropsychology with UCT. What are the requirements to register for this course? Thank you, I want to study psychology 2020 I am currently working and wanted to study, but without funds I could not continue studying, but now I am ready to study because I want a qualification. Have a nice day. I am a 53 year old woman with a great passion for people and I love helping people discover their meaning in life. I joined Matric at the age of 46 and originally wanted to study nursing, but without success. Over the years, I`ve discovered that there are other ways to change people`s lives. I started working with people infected with TB and was trained as a hasty counselor, but I have a desire to do so much more and have been looking for ways to realize that desire in my life. Unfortunately, I don`t have the finances to fulfill my dream, but I would love to study with you because I have the highest appreciation for UCT academics. The minimum requirement is a bachelor`s degree with a concentration in psychology.

The department receives far more applications than the limited number of places we can offer in terms of staff, equipment and high demands in terms of academic and professional requirements. All applicants are carefully selected and the selection process not only takes into account overall academic achievement, but also allows individual cases to be reviewed based on the two criteria listed below. What is the cost per year to study psychology? My daughter would like to study psychology according to registration – Could you please tell us what are the requirements for matricular subject matter to be considered for psychology The teaching and research interests of the department focus on a number of areas. In general, its strengths lie in clinical psychology and research, particularly in areas such as child development, gender, psychological trauma, social psychology, cognitive psychology, research methodology and statistics, psychoanalytic theory, and neuropsychology. Hi please, I am a student in Nigeria who wants to apply to utc to study psychology and please I would like to know the process I have to go through as a student from Nigeria. I am currently in my 300lvl at Unilag (University of Lagos) and I was wondering if I could transfer credits. Please, I really want to know everything and all the documents I need to apply to UTC and have a chance to be admitted. I look forward to your response, thank you.

I would like to study psychology at UCT in 2018. I would like to know what the requirements are. 1. Apply for study online through the UCT Central Admissions Office no later than October 31. 2. Complete the department`s application form and return it directly to the service no later than October 31. What are the requirements to study psychology in first year with matrix characters? Admission requirements differ depending on what you want to study. The criteria for certificate courses, diplomas and degrees are listed below: Greetings I would like to know if I can study online via UCT for the Bachelor of Psychology and I would also like more information if this can be given. Please and thank you I applied for a postgraduate degree in psychology and was rejected I am ready to take the bridging course to qualify for my psychology My email address is I am interested in a career in psychology and would like to receive my knowledge from the University of Cape Town.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for the course I want to study psychology, but I have knowledge of mathematics and life sciences, are your applications also open? Hello, I am interested in (BA Psychology) I can have all the information about the course, duration and fees in advance I would like to study psychology at the University of Cape Town in 2018.