When someone transfers real estate such as land, building houses, one should consider the following: Search and title report – The title title search is a process of retrieving the chain of documents related to the history of the property registered with the competent authority. It contains a description of the property and the names of the title holders, the roommate, etc. It is especially important for obtaining a home loan. You can apply for a home loan in India online and offline. There are different online credit aggregation platforms where you can easily compare multiple loan options and choose the best option for you. Most financial institutions offer a convenient online application option where you don`t have to go to a branch or office to submit the documents. All you have to do is fill out the online application form and the lenders will send you their representative to fill out all the paperwork. However, if you prefer the traditional method, you can go to the office or branch of your favorite lender and make things happen. If the property has an existing loan, you will need to obtain some important documents from that lender, such as a foreclosure letter, a list of documents, and a notice of compliance to sell the property. Many NRIs buy real estate in India for a variety of reasons – as a long-term investment; as a place of residence during their home visits; as a way to stay emotionally connected to India or for their families at home. Once you start the process, you will find that buying a property in India requires you to fill out paperwork and paperwork. Here`s a quick list of what you need every step of the way. The Certificate of Completion (or Certificate of Occupancy) is a document that indicates that the building has been inspected once completed and that it complies with all laws of the municipal corporation or local development authority.

This document is required to use utilities such as water supply, power supply, and drainage system. First-time buyers are not advised to purchase a property without the Certificate of Completion, as without it, the building will need to submit your current proof of address documents (such as utility bills) and passport photos for deed of sale registration. A letter of assist is one of the most important documents required to obtain a home loan. It is issued by a developer or housing authority and contains the description of the property and details of the amount paid by the buyer to the developer. Remember that a letter of assist is not the same as a sales contract. A letter of allocation is issued on authority letterhead, while a contract of sale is documented on stamped paper. In addition, an allocation letter will be sent to the first owner and other owners can request a copy of the original letter from the seller. The Transfer of Ownership Act recognizes only the sale as a form of absolute transfer of ownership of immovable property. There can be no transfer of ownership through documents such as affidavit, contract of sale, will, etc. This is the most important piece of paper needed to buy real estate.

The deed of sale must be presented in the original, as it establishes ownership of the property. You must register the bill of sale at the sub-registration office in the area where the property is located. A certificate of charge is required to prove that the property has no statutory rights or unpaid mortgages. This is one of the most important documents that banks require before granting you a loan. This certificate also contains all the details about the transactions that took place over a certain period of time. In India, a Form 15 is issued when a property has registered a charge; Otherwise, the owner will receive a Form 16 stating that there are no charges. An original power of attorney is required to indicate whether a person is acting with the permission of the property owner. Key takeaways: Are you planning to buy property in India? Take a look at the documents you need at different stages, from home loan processing to registration.

To obtain a home loan, NRIs must provide the following documents: Here is the list of 11 documents needed if you want to buy a property: Home loans are one of the most popular financial products in India and are widely used by potential buyers to buy their dream home. Home loans are secured loans against which you must pledge the property you received with the loan amount. The term of a home loan can be up to 30 years with interest rates starting at 6.90% per year. Most lenders also offer the option of a top-up loan with home loans, which helps you manage your financial needs. There is a big difference between finding a house and buying a house. The actual process begins when you reach the second step, which is documentation. This article will help to find all the important legal documents for ownership and ownership. Buying a residential property in India has become very expensive due to the constant upward trend in prices in recent years. In the past, you could have bought a residential property such as a house, apartment, villa or land only with your savings, but now it has become a distant dream.