The good news? This local weed pass you`ve heard of is NOT valid in Amsterdam. Tourists are always welcome in the rest of the cafes. By the way, hash oil is classified as a hard drug and is therefore absolutely NOT legal. However, hashish (including some very strong varieties) is still on the menu. Legally, of course. The drinking age for beer and wine was 16, but in 2015 it is 18. It is not legal to sell alcohol everywhere cannabis is sold, but some liquor suppliers are 420-friendly, especially on the patio. Once a beneficiary of the policy of tolerance, prostitution has been legal since 2000. (Note: This does not include walking on the street.) After centuries of changing laws and regulations (they tried every model), the idea behind legalization was that it would be much easier to keep women (and some men who weren`t at the windows) safer and make it easier to prevent human trafficking.

Prostitutes must be registered with the local chamber of commerce and pay taxes, and in return, they are protected by the same labor laws as everyone else. And the police. >It is illegal to enter a café or smoke if you are under 18. >It is legal to smoke, buy and carry cannabis up to five grams. Otherwise, it is illegal to sell, grow or distribute it. An official policy of tolerance led the Dutch government in 1976 to decriminalize possession of small amounts for personal smoking. Also sold legally in smartshops: peyote and other psychedelic cacti. > euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands for children up to one year old and over 12 years of age. Children`s groups are also pushing to extend the law to children aged one to 12.

The Dutch were the first to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001, as they like to remind anyone who will listen. The very first ceremony was presided over by the mayor at the time, Job Cohen, himself. However, the privilege extends only to legal residents. And not that there are no fanatics: even in Amsterdam there is an occasional street attack. To return to my previous comment on the title of No. 10. After re-reading, the title could also imply “it is not illegal to wear a helmet” or in other words “it is legal to wear a helmet”, which is CORRECT but not surprising or “weird”, and I think that`s not what the author meant. Magic mushrooms sold in smart stores have been illegal since 2008. But many smartshops basically ignore this. Those who do not sell magic truffles instead, a close cousin with the same effect. Despite the high priority given by the Dutch government to the fight against illicit drug trafficking, the Netherlands remains an important transit point for drugs entering Europe.

The Netherlands is a major producer[23] and distributor of cannabis, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines[24][25] and other synthetic drugs, as well as an average consumer of illicit drugs. [26] Despite Interpol`s crackdown on the illicit trade and production of temazepam [27], the country has also become a major exporter of illicit jelly and temazepam, smuggling it into the UK and other European countries. [28] The government has intensified cooperation with neighboring countries and strengthened border controls. In recent years, it has also introduced 100% body checks and scanners at Schiphol Airport on flights from the Dutch overseas territories of Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles to prevent the importation of cocaine by mules swallowing balloons. Cannabis is illegal. Seriously, that`s always been the case. It actually falls into that dark gray area that the Dutch call “tolerance” – for grass, it goes back to 1976. Basically, the police will look elsewhere at up to 5g per person or plants per household, as long as you don`t sell them. They will also look elsewhere, mostly in the other direction for cafes, but there is no legal way to deliver them.

Livestock farmers, even small farms, have been attacked more and more frequently and some of the small quality-oriented farms have been frightened. In addition, a number of cafes (almost half) have been closed for various reasons – so there are “only” 200 left in the city. Enter Amsterdam`s first Cannabis Social Club: Tree of Life. These are just locals, but members get better quality buds for less. and a new circle of stoner friends. The government says this model is not legal, but so far they have been “tolerated.” It`s also officially legal (or decriminalized, it doesn`t matter) to have sex in Amsterdam`s parks after dark. While the legalisation of cannabis remains controversial, the introduction of heroin-assisted treatment in 1998 has been hailed for significantly improving the health and social situation of opioid-dependent patients in the Netherlands. [12] > In the Netherlands, it is legal to ride a bicycle without a helmet.

However, it is illegal if your bike is not equipped with a bell and light. Civil law is the area of law that governs the daily lives of individuals and other legal entities (e.g. corporations). The most important code of Dutch civil law is the Burgerlijk Wetboek. The Dutch do not see their policy of tolerance towards limited use of soft drugs as a miraculous solution. They try to prevent drug abuse through educational measures, closely monitor the scene of drug abuse and combat the consequences of abuse through health measures such as the free test of ecstasy pills, the free needle exchange programme and the free methadone care programme (heroin surrogacy) for heroin users. Today, hundreds of these programs operate daily in 60 Dutch cities and have a strong impact on life in the country. At the same time, Dutch authorities are trying to eliminate deadly illicit drugs by combating drug trafficking.

On the other hand, they hope to be able to better control the social phenomena of drug addiction through their policy of tolerance towards soft drugs. For example, statistical data confirms that among 28-year-olds in the Netherlands, only 16% have ever smoked marijuana. Soft drugs, when widely used, seem to lose much of their appeal. It should be noted that drugs are not tolerated in their production, especially the cultivation of cannabis.