Investment: At first, you should be able to settle for long hours to do the installation. Start-up costs can depend heavily on the foods you offer, but you can certainly keep your costs low. For example, Food Truck Empire mentions Adams` Cookie House starting at $50 and Eddie`s Energy Bars with start-up costs of $300. The voice-over industry is a $4.4 billion industry, led by the United States. There are two ways to run a laundry business: With technology and a little ingenuity, you can start a successful business for around $500. These businesses may not need a lot of capital to get started, but if you nurture them and do the little things right, they can take you from a nice side hustle and bustle to your 9-5 resignation and work full-time for yourself. When your first video is ready to upload, share it with your friends on social media and watch the views arrive. As with many other suggestions in this collection, setting up Christmas decorations is a task not everyone can do. In fact, it`s not uncommon to charge a homeowner $100 an hour for setting up Halloween or Christmas decorations.

This is another seasonal concert that you can add to your list of side activities. As a consultant, you can use existing experience or skills to help companies solve a specific problem or discover and make the improvements needed to achieve specific goals. Much depends on how often you want to work with dogs, and cities with higher cost of living may charge higher prices. Financial advisors cover a wide range of areas. This includes advisors who can help businesses and individuals with financial advice, such as how to balance their books, create a budget or suggest investment opportunities. There are also tax advisors to inform you about the latest regulations and deductions you can claim. “The beauty of the dropshipping model is that you don`t need to make products to get started,” Stabler said. “Instead, you work with a manufacturer who makes your products and ships them directly to your customers, so you can focus on the fun part: marketing and customer experience.” As more and more people work from home, there is an increased demand for residential cleaning services. To start a cleaning business, you need a minimal investment that includes some basic cleaning equipment such as mop, vacuum, microfiber cloths, and some cleaning products. Plants have been proven to make people more productive. No wonder the offices are full of them. But these plants are often overlooked.

You can offer a plant maintenance service where you water, fertilize, prune and place the plants in larger pots. Lately, companies prefer to outsource the management of their social media to freelancers or other businesses to ensure that they reach their audience without having to hire a full-time employee. Social media management involves the process of managing a person`s online presence through strategic audience analysis, creating and planning content for their profiles, monitoring performance, organizing collaborations with social media influencers, etc. to create growth opportunities for followers and increase revenue with marketing strategies. It is not uncommon for businesses to own a home. The reason? They are used either for consultants who are temporarily in the city or for employees who have just moved to the city and have not yet found their own apartment. You can prepare these apartments by performing light maintenance, such as painting and cleaning, so that the apartment is habitable. Or many have made a living from Airbnb vacation rentals and need someone to come and prepare the accommodation for the next guest. If you enjoy animals and exercise, you might consider starting a dog walking business. As more people return to work in 2022, there is an increased need for help for dogs, all of which were adopted during the pandemic. This means that your dog walking business, which takes $0 to start, will be in high demand. Whatever the instrument, there is definitely a market for people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument.

You can do this at home or even create a subscription website. With the recent quarantine, many musicians have created a YouTube channel or used Zoom to give their music lessons to customers. Whichever way you do it, there are many people, young and old, who want to learn or improve their musical skills. If you don`t have a lot of inventory at first, start by selling old items from your home. Sites like Amazon and eBay charge you a small fee to sell your items online. However, you can sell items locally through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and avoid fees altogether. Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to sell online locally and communicate with potential buyers. Some documents require the approval of a notary public, including wills, loan documents, powers of attorney, title deeds, and other court documents. A mobile notary visits clients at home or at their place of work. Becoming a non-medical home care assistant for seniors requires minimal upfront investment, but it`s an increasingly in-demand business. Consider the growing number of seniors in the United States.