If you have not yet purchased the legal jersey, do not waste time because the certificate gives you the opportunity to participate in all draws. In addition to the opportunity to participate in one of the great successes of the state of Rio Grande Sul, the Tri Legal is guaranteed a pleasure for the whole family. Have you imagined, you earn and at the same time be able to make a difference in the lives of many people, because knowing that it is possible, it is enough to buy the contribution certificate that part of the collection goes directly to APAE. So do not stay there if you come from the Porto Alegre area or the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, do not waste time and already earn your contribution certificate and make a difference in the lives of many people who need a lot of your help. If you haven`t gotten it, Legal Tri gives you the chance to win at least 23 chances every week. And one of the most important points of acquiring the cool triit is that you can win and help a lot of people at the same time. With the Cool Sorting, you are guaranteed a lot of fun and above all you win prizes. The rewards are houses, cars, motorcycles, money. With regard to drawings, it is important to specify that two modalities will be applied. The “Lucky Globes” and “Special Rounds” modalities are the terms of the Legal Sorting. Every week several prizes are offered and it is even better because it is an exclusive certificate of the Porto Alegre region, metropolitan, coastal and inland Rio Grande do Sul. See here the result and winners of the Legal Tri Life on this Sunday 02/10/2022, which always takes place from 10:00 am and the draw will be broadcast live on TV Record and Tv Pampa.

Everything is carried out with its own audit, that is, it is carried out in a place completely open to the public, as well as TV recording and PAMPA TV. Draws always take place on Sundays, specifically at 10 a.m. All with the help of APLUB Capitalização S/A. They knew that 90% of the APAs that signed up for this project were already taken into account. Assistance equipment has already been purchased, institutional infrastructure has been improved and other projects have been carried out in the areas of recreation, sports and social affairs. Every Sunday, at 9 a.m. sharp, the draw is broadcast here, which takes place live on TV Bandeirantes and Record TV. If you are a person who likes to participate in sweepstakes and mainly helps other people who need third parties, there is nothing better than the Tri Legal Life certificate.

In the case of the “Lucky Globe”, each draw is made differently, i.e. each prize has its own draw. And in the case of the “Special Rounds”, it`s a little different, because by fighting for the prize, the weather wins two lucky numbers, numbers that are already included in the certificate acquired. Below you can see the result of this Sunday`s Tri Legal Tchê, valid only for the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. And the main thing, as we said, is that you will always help a lot of people who need your help directly, because with each certificate acquired, a part is given to an institution.